WELCH, WV (WVNS) — A man from McDowell County was arrested for murder in relation to a 12-year old cold case in Mercer County.

The investigation into Crystal Cantrell’s murder began August 6, 2010. Investigators said her body was found along the Bluestone River. Her death was declared a homicide by the West Virginia Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

According to a criminal complaint, Crystal Cantrell and Michael Wiseman, Cantrell’s brother-in-law, were having an affair when the crime happened. Wiseman was reportedly witnessed stalking and harassing Cantrell on multiple occasions before her death. In the complaint, witnesses alleged Wiseman had physically assaulted her. Cantrell also claimed she was going to end the relationship on the same day as the alleged murder in August.

On the date of the crime, witnesses saw Cantrell and Wiseman meet at the IGA near Athens Road in Princeton. Wiseman reportedly left his motorcycle and got into Cantrell’s car and then proceeded to drive on County Route 7/Gardner Road where they were seen arguing.

According to witness statements, Cantrell’s car was seen parked on the side of the road. Cantrell was reportedly trying to walk away from Wiseman. He was also seen walking behind Cantrell trying to pull her back and reportedly threw her car keys over the guardrail.

The complaint stated the same witnesses drove back to where the car was parked five to ten minutes later. When they went back, Cantrell’s car was still there, but both Wiseman and Cantrell were nowhere to be found.

According to court documents, Cantrell’s husband called Wiseman on August 6, 2010. Wiseman reportedly answered the phone and said, “She is with me now” before hanging up. Her husband told law enforcement he could hear Cantrell screaming in the background of the phone call.

According to the complaint, Wiseman returned to McDowell County before leaving the state for Ohio followed by Indiana. Wiseman never picked up his motorcycle that he took to meet Cantrell originally. He reportedly never returned to his full-time job and failed to contact his former employers.

Wiseman was interviewed at later date in Ohio where he admitted to being the last one to see Cantrell alive. He also admitted to arguing with her and smashing her cellphone. He denied killing Cantrell, saying she had walked nearly to the I-77 interchange before getting in a car with an unknown person. The complaint noted that the distance Wiseman said Cantrell walked is impossible to walk within the time frame of the witnesses returning to the scene.

Michael Wiseman, 56 , of Welch, is charged with the murder of Crystal Cantrell on August 6, 2010.