BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Raleigh County Schools will be welcoming back students in less than two weeks. Students, faculty, and families are getting all they need to be classroom ready at the Wellness and Outreach Fair.

Students of all ages from schools across Raleigh County filled the Convention Center to make sure they are ready for the new school year. Raleigh County Assistant Superintendent Serena Starcher said it is all possible with the Back to School Community Wellness and Outreach Fair and the countless partners involved.

“All schools have a booth, but then we have a lot of external partners like WVU Extension, like Access Health, New River Health, the Health Department, we just have a variety of partners here,” said Starcher.

Anything a student could need to walk back into the classroom could be found at the fair.

“We have school supplies, like you said, we have coats, we have backpacks, we have anything you can think of in terms of school supplies. We have fresh fruit and vegetables that we’re giving away. We have snowcones, we have free haircuts, we have vaccines both COVID and school age vaccines are here. We have some bicycles and tricycles we’re giving away,” said Starcher.

Starcher said the fair is not only about getting kids ready for school, but to show them what being a student of Raleigh County is all about.

“We believe by having this fair every year we at least expose our parents, community and the students to what we offer as a school system, but also what our community partners offer,” said Starcher.