BEAVER, WV (WVNS) — As the year comes to a close, one local fire department is close to ending one of its busiest years ever.

So far in 2022, the Beaver Volunteer Fire Department responded to 1,224 calls, with an average of 110 per month.

The department is on track to respond to more than thirteen hundred calls by the end of the year.

Seth Light, the department’s assistant chief, said the number one call they respond to is motor vehicle accidents, followed by medical emergencies. He also said the increase in calls is due to more traffic traveling through the area.

“I mean, we’re growing, our area is growing and we’re starting to see a lot of traffic through here,” said Light. “I don’t know, every year, it seems like we keep growing with more and more calls. People need more, request more, and like I said, we’re here for them. We’re the answer to everyone’s worst day.”

For Light and the rest of his department, having such a high number of calls to respond to can be a challenge.

“It can wear you down pretty quick, especially if you have limited numbers,” said Light. “Fortunately for us right now, we have 46 guys on the roster.”

To help alleviate some of the strain from responding to so many calls, the department is looking into adding a third station with new engines.

“It would help in the area,” said Light. “So we have some new members out in the Bragg area so giving them a station and an apparatus to respond with so they don’t have to come from here or Grandview will actually speed up our response times.”

Currently, there is no timeline for the planning or construction of the new station.