BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)– City council and Beckley Sanitary Board meetings happened this week, shortly after storms occurred on July 3, 2019. Those storms left people and businesses dealing with major flood damage.

Many of these people voiced their concerns about having to deal with this again in the future, including Jamie Carr, who manages Valley Drive Barber Shop. She said this cleanup will have to be a community event.

“With everybody working together like a community of one, everybody has to work together, and hopefully we can get this problem solved,” Carr said.

The City of Beckley has heard these concerns and officials have been working toward a resolution. Mayor Rob Rappold said he and other officials have been working to get the old infrastructure fixed.

“This water funnels in from Neville Street, from Main Street, from Prince Street, to this area on Robert C. Byrd, and the existing infrastructure was never designed to accommodate that amount of flood water,” Mayor Rappold said.

He said studies will be completed in about six weeks, and after that, he and other representatives can get together to make appropriate changes. Until then, Jamie and her family are rebuilding after the last storm. She said the shop will have to temporarily relocate.

“Tony’s beauty shop on Johnstown Road in the basement, in the bottom part. I think it’ll be 805 Johnstown Road. Hopefully if everything goes good and the barber inspector passes it, that’s where I’ll temporarily locate to until we get back in here,” Carr said.

Carr said the shop’s relocation may not even see an opening until the end of the month.