BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — It’s a mystery that haunts the halls of the Black Knight Country Club in Beckley. Now, all the details are in one place thanks to a book written by local author, Agnes Keatley.

Agnes was born and raised in Beckley, West Virginia. She says that the murders occurred when she was around 10 years old and her interested has been peaked ever since.

Keatley’s book is titled “Cover-up” and is the second book she has written.

Agnes said that her book gives readers all the clues and evidence that has been gathered. She gives the readers a chance to make their own guesses and assumptions on who the murderer could have been.

“It does not tell you who did it, I give you enough information in this book that you can make your own decisions and make your own conclusion,” Keatley said.

Keatley says she does not plan to write anymore novels as ‘Cover-up’ was a life-long goal.