BLUEFIELD, WV (WVNS) – Folks in Bluefield are understandably shaken up after police responded to a bomb threat and multiple suspicious packages in the downtown area Monday morning.

“That they found bombs, actual bombs, is unbelievable to me knowing what I know about this area,” said Rick Streeter, a Bluefield resident for 27 years.

“It’s pretty nerve-racking honestly,” said Malcolm Miller. “Because in this area, I mean there’s been a couple of shootings here recently, but in this area it’s generally quiet. And for bombs and stuff, that’s kind of like TV, Criminal Minds kind of stuff.”

And this news affected lots of people, as a large portion of businesses and apartments in the downtown Bluefield, West Virginia area were evacuated.

That was the case for Malcolm Miller’s cousins, who were evacuated from the Hope apartment building early Monday morning.

“Knowing that they were already evacuated and the police were on scene I wasn’t really too much worried,” said Miller. “But it’s definitely an uneasy feeling knowing that something terrible could have happened.”

Thankfully, first responders, including the Bluefield Police Department, State Police and even the F-B-I worked quickly to ensure no one was injured and the packages were dealt with safely.

Now the community hopes the legal process can take its course and hope life in Bluefield can return to normal.