FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WVNS) — 2022 is an election year for West Virginia. In Fayette County, candidates are ready to get the election season underway.  

Changes to county districts, in response to the 2020 census, have kept local county officials busy all last year drafting new maps. New districts mean those looking to run for office or run for re-election are faced with new challenges. 

On Monday, January 10, 2022, Gary Ray filed for re-election for his seat on the Fayette County Board of Education. He was followed by John Brenamen who filed for reelection of his seat on the County Commission. Neither of the men reported any issues due to new changes to voting districts.

“I’ve luckily lived in the same area that I’m representing currently, and it hasn’t changed so I’ll still be representing the Valley,” Brenamen said.

Both men are optimistic the new changes in voting districts or polling places won’t have a huge impact on their constituents. As they gear up for their respective campaigns, the overall message is simply helping Fayette County anyway they can.

“You know I’ve been working with kids my whole life. Ever since I started in Education. I was a coach, teacher, assistant principal, and administration at the county level, then on   the activities commission so I have a broad perspective of what we need for our children and our citizens of Fayette County deserve the best,” said Ray.

“The People are very, very important. We’ve had some sewer issues and some water issues, and I’ve met those head on. We have more opportunities with dilapidated homes and that is something else we need to work on and fix,” said Brenamen.

For Fayette County, the deadline to file to run for office in this year’s election is Saturday, January 29, 2022. With the extra changes, new districts, and filing requirements, those interested in running for office should file sooner rather than later according to County Clerk’s office employees. Voters needing help on what changes will impact them in their county should reach out to their County Clerk for more info.

As for Fayette County with the new changes, employees in the County Clerks Election Office told 59News, filing is going good so far.