CASS, WV (WBOY) — Pocahontas County had a few hundred tourists back in town to see trains chugging down the tracks on the Cass Scenic Railroad for the first time in 2020.

The Cass Scenic Train Rides have not been available for passengers this season because of the coronavirus outbreak. They held the steam parade to let the public know they soon will be able to open the doors again for visitors, this time with a few safety precautions.

“This weekend was amazing. I didn’t think it would be like this, but there were so many people who came out to support our state park,” said Event Coordinator Walter Scriptunas. “Some people drove five or six hours, coming from North Carolina and Georgia. It was just an amazing weekend.”

Five locomotive trains blew steam and passed by the spectators. Scriptunas said the Cass Scenic Railroad is one of the only places you can see this many locomotives back to back.

“It’s really hard right now with no trains running. We were originally supposed to begin running in early May, so we have lost half of our season,” said Scriptunas. “It affects the state park too, with their company house rentals. But, it was a great weekend, all the company houses were sold out, the restaurants had great business, the shops around here in the area, camp grounds. It was amazing.”

The Cass and Durbin train rides will be officially open to have passengers on board again, on Saturday July 4. Excursions out of Elkins plan to be picked back up in August. For the most up to date information, visit their website.