ATHENS, WV(WVNS)- 2020 is an unprecedented year across the globe, and at Concord University.
The increase in COVID-19 cases is one of the reasons administrators at the university decided to have students work remotely the remainder of the semester after Thanksgiving break.

Assistant Dean of Students, Bill Fraley, said for international students, that means longer time away from campus. Fraley told 59News they worked to get the ball rolling as early in the semester as they possibly could.

“In doing so, we asked everyone to let us know by the end of October what their plans would be so we would know who would need help and who wouldn’t need help by the time we got to this point,” Fraley said.

Fraley said they were prepared to help tackle any housing or traveling issues their international students might face during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our internationals office will set up host families for some of our students to stay for shorter breaks and some of them are doing that as well. They can sign up with our International Affairs Office to get travel to airports, or train stations,” Fraley said.

At the end of the day, Fraley said working together helped ensure nobody was left behind. Everyone wanted to make sure students had somewhere safe to go while working remotely through the holiday season.

“It’s pretty easy to make sure they had places to go, help find and make travel arrangements if needed. The few that needed host families they made arrangements for that,” Fraley said.

Students are set to return to campus in January for the start of the spring semester.