ATHENS, WV (WVNS) — For the first time this semester, Concord University held a meal swipe exchange event.

Students could give away as many meal swipes as they wanted.

The swipes are then distributed to other students who suffer from food insecurity.

Concord’s Dean of Students, Dr. Sarah Beasley, said this event is important to help students understand what others may be going through.

“It brings awareness to the issue that college students do face food insecurity and we’re doing something to make students aware that there are resources on campus to help them,” said Beasley.

Dr. Beasley said food insecurity at Concord University is a much larger issue than one might realize.

“About a third of our students, we’ve surveyed students in the past, about a third face food insecurity,” said Beasley.

Students dealing with food insecurity face problems extending into the most important part of college, the classroom.

“Well obviously whenever you’re hungry, you’re not going to perform as well so if you go to class, you’re trying to take a test and you’re hungry, your grades obviously are not going to be as good,” said Peyton Brown, the university’s Bonner Scholar’s coordinator. “You’re also not going to be as happy, you may not be as social so it’s a big impact.”