ATHENS, WV (WVNS) — Recently, Concord University hosted Medication Misuse Awareness Day.

West Virginia Collegiate Recovery hosted the event to raise awareness about the misuse of medication amongst the community and college students.

The Collegiate Recovery Network partnered with Community Connections, Southern Highlands, Jobs for Hope and Ascension Recovery Services to bring a variety of community and educational resources to the student body and staff of Concord University.

Brandon Whitehouse, the Collegiate Recovery Coach at Concord University shared how this day is important and the goal they are trying to achieve.

“There’s a lot of students and people in the community that, you know, get hurt and they’re prescribed legitimate pain medications and we want to educate them on the proper way to use these medications, dispose of these medications, and the signs and symptoms of medications might being misused,” said Whitehouse.

Whitehouse also added that he thought it would be best to educate not only the community of Concord University, but the community of Athens and Mercer County as well.

For more information about Medication Misuse Awareness Day, please visit the WV Drug Intervention Institute Facebook Page or the CU Collegiate Recovery Page to learn more about medication misuse.