ATHENS, WV (WVNS)– Senate Bill 10 officially passed both houses of the West Virginia Legislature, and students at Concord University have a lot to say.

The bill, also called the Campus Self-Defense Act, will allow adults 21 years and older to carry handguns on college campuses as long as they have a valid permit.

The bill has some limitations on when and where a gun can be carried, but many students are still concerned for their overall safety. 

In fact, many local universities have already released statements about their opposition to the bill.

Concord University students Ayden Ince and Makenize Fugate also felt opposed to the bill.

“I feel like it could still cause some problems and raise some worry for students and other faculty members that don’t feel as safe as they would without it,” said Ince.

Fugate, who was also worried, said, “I’d be nervous that if something happened that the person beside of me or behind me would not know what to do and would just start shooting.”

Sophomore Ian Stines, however, said he would feel more safe if someone on campus had a handgun.

“If there was an active shooter, they could potentially protect us.” 

The bill passed the House with an 84-13 vote and now goes to Gov. Jim Justice for consideration.