Coronavirus challenge: how many times do students touch their faces?

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BEAVER, WV (WVNS) – As we fight the coronavirus outbreak, health officials are emphasizing all it takes is one touch for microbes on your fingers to slip into your body through your nostrils, eyes or mouth.

However, putting your hands to your face is a common occurrence and breaking that habit is easier said than done, especially in settings like a classroom. 59 News Reporter Regina Gonzalez wanted conduct her own experiment, so she got permission to film an English 101 class at New River Community and Technical College to see just how many times students are capable of doing it.

In just 15 minutes, the 19 students touched their faces about 70 times as a class. That is an average of four face touches per minute!

Once they learned why they were being filmed, students like freshman Roger Wooten were shocked at the result.

“It’s like a nervous tick,” Wooten laughed. “You kinda just touch your face or scratch your nose just because you’re not thinking about it… you’re trying to pay attention and your body just does whatever.”

A few important observations were students tend to lean on their hands, scratch at their face, or touch their mouth to yawn during a lecture. That all came after touching pens, notebooks, phones, and computers, which were passed around.

While they may not be the most aware during school, many, like Hayley Richardson, said they are keeping up with hand washing and sanitizing for other reasons outside the classroom.

“I have a niece…so I’m keeping up with my room and the kitchen because you never know what someone is bringing in from outside the house.,” Richardson said.

Don’t worry we are all humans, if you cannot stop yourself, it is not the end of the world. The CDC just recommends you observe good hand hygiene.

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