APPALACHIA, WV, KY, VA (WVNS) – Every other Tuesday at Midnight, we bring you the most notorious, most unknown, and the deepest crime cases that Appalachia has to offer.

The twelfth episode of Crime In The Coalfields, centered around the tragic unsolved disappearance of Marsha Ferber, is available right now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and here on our website.

In a unique collaboration with the podcast ‘I Was Never There’, Crime in the Coalfields brings you a cold case about a Morgantown bartender who hasn’t been seen for around 40 years. Marsha Ferber disappeared, leaving behind her wallet, keys, and several theories about where she could have gone. She was a folk hero to the people of downtown Morgantown, who helped the community in a myriad of ways. However, our special guests from ‘I Was Never There’ found out the darker story behind part of who Marsha Ferber was, and share how they came about their discoveries. These discoveries could make or break the story of how and why she went missing.

Marsha was the owner of The Underground Railroad, which is currently 123 Pleasant Street. She also created a communal living arrangement called the Earth House. Jamie and Karen Zelermyer host the podcast. They lived with Marsha at the Earth House, and Karen was a bartender at The Underground Railroad. Marsha rose to local folk hero status after she went missing in April 1988.

Marsha’s case is still open at the Morgantown Police Department. Karen and Jamie said that they hope anyone who knows anything about the case would come forward to the police and understand that it’s not too late.

Listen to the brand new episode and all of the previous Crime in the Coalfields episodes right here!