ATHENS, WV (WVNS) — Members of Concord University will be meeting with lawmakers in Charleston for CU Day at the Legislature this Friday, January 20, 2023.

This is the third time the university is participating in this event.

The school’s faculty, student government association and student members of every club will attend.

The university will meet legislators and discuss new opportunities offered at CU.

Concord’s president, Dr. Kendra Boggess, spoke about why this event is important for the university.

“There’s seven regional schools in West Virginia, campuses, and we all need to make sure that our legislators understand the need, the needs that we serve, the people that live here, who are so familiar with it, they send their students, their children here for generations,” said Boggess.

Boggess says the SGA will also push for the passing of a bill that would help college students afford food on campuses statewide.