UPDATE: Deer seen with Halloween decoration stuck on its head rescued

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December 12, 2019 4:30 p.m. UPDATE: DANIELS, WV (WVNS) — The deer that was seen with a Halloween decoration stuck to its head was rescued. Officers with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources and The Resort at Glade Springs Security team worked together to rescue the one- year-old button buck.

After six days of staking out and attempting to capture the deer, DNR officers were able to shoot the deer with a tranquilizer dart. Once shot, the deer ran off into the woods and the rescue team waited until he passed out.

They found the deer, removed the bucket, and stayed with him until the affects of the drug wore off. Rescuers realized the deer was able to stay alive because of a small hole underneath the bucket.


DANIELS, WV (WVNS) — People around the Glade Springs area of Raleigh County are treated to a strange sight.

A deer was caught on camera with what appears to be a pumpkin-shaped Halloween bucket stuck on its head. It was first seen Friday, December 6, but has been spotted several other times.

Officials tried unsuccessfully to catch it and remove the bucket. Todd Dowdy, a wildlife biologist, said if the bucket is not removed, it could be fatal for the deer.

“The main concern is dehydration and starvation because the way the bucket is positioned, he can’t feed and he can’t drink, so eventually he’s gonna dehydrate or starve if he can’t get the bucket off on his own,” Dowdy explained.

Dowdy said one of the main reasons they are willing to interfere in this situation is that it comes from a man-made problem.

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