GHENT, WV (WVNS) – Gasoline prices leveled out around $3.95 in West Virginia, but the price of diesel fuel continues to rise.

Diesel prices are at their highest mark of all time, nearly two full dollars more per gallon than prices in May 2021, and AAA says not to expect them to go down any time soon.

The spokesperson for AAA Lori Weaver Hawkins said because diesel is so important in transportation, nearly every industry felt the effects of high fuel prices.

“Some analysts refer to it even as ‘diesel crisis’ because of the way that diesel prices can really drive inflation, even more so than gasoline prices,” said Weaver Hawkins.

In addition to the obvious, like making it more difficult for retailers to get products in their stores, high diesel prices even affect the farming industry. Farmers are forced to pay much higher premiums to fill up their tractors this year, which means you can expect food prices to continue going up.