GHENT, WV (WVNS) –More magic is coming soon to an early-access video game!

Disney Dreamlight Valley has been available to gamers for a while now and received regular updates to add new missions, items, and characters to the fun throughout 2022. The last major update added the characters Woody and Buzz from ‘Toy Story’ and Stitch from ‘Lilo and Stitch’. This update left fans curious about what updates 2023 could hold. 

The answers were finally provided in the form of an ‘early 2023 roadmap’ that the developers released late in January. The first update, now confirmed for February 16, 2023, pictures Mirabel from ‘Encanto’, highly suggesting that she will be joining the valley and that Encanto themed items will become available.

A synopsis of the update also mentions a “special snowman,” supporting fan speculation that Olaf will be joining the cast after a teaser image was released on the Dreamlight Valley Twitter page showcasing the snowman facing away from the screen with four other snowmen. This update also boasts a new line of quests, a star path, that is themed around the 100th anniversary of Disney.

April is the next stop for updates with a picture of Simba being the featured image for that month, alluding that the Lion will likely be joining us in the valley. This addition will certainly be interesting since Scar is already part of the residents available to players. This update promises a realm, new characters, and “more surprises.” Also, another star path will open up to players, this time themed around the Disney parks! 

The last early 2023 update doesn’t provide a month but says it will be in early summer. This image features the player in a purple silhouette in front of a pumpkin shaped house that many players have been curious about. It promises more updates to the primary conflict in the game and teases that a princess will be “racing” into the valley; likely a nod at Vanellope from ‘Wreck it Ralph’ as themed items from that title have been available for quite some time with none of the characters actually making an appearance. 

Although those are the early updates, more have been confirmed for late 2023 with the details being a bit vaguer. Those updates, however, promise a major change to the gameplay format – multiplayer. This will provide much more incentive for players to pour in the hours decorating their valleys since their friends will be able to visit, although it is not readily known what features multiplayer will allow.

Disney is hopeful that each new addition will make the gaming experience more magical for players.