SCARBORO, W.V. (WVNS) – Brush fires mean smoke is in the air and that can cause major issues for people with respiratory issues.

The New River Health Association Breathing Center offers some key advice for people who may be impacted by smoke from the brush fires.

“Smoke inhalation is dangerous for everyone,” explained Lisa Emery, Respiratory Therapist and Director of the New River Health Association Breathing Center. “But especially the population of children, patients with Asthma, COPD, and our coal miners in our communities with black lung.”

“It’s extremely dangerous (to people with respiratory issues,) it will cause irritation, flare ups, increased coughing. And those folks who already have a pre-existing condition, we’d like for them to stay indoors or mask up when they go outside,” said Emery.

Emery also suggests people living with respiratory problems check the air quality in their area before going outside, especially if there are brush fires in the area.