RENICK, WV (WVNS) — Dee Ann Keene was last seen on Leonard Long Road in Renick on February 28, 2014. Eight years later, law enforcement are still searching for answers for how she disappeared and who was responsible.

“Dee Ann Keene’s daughter had called and said she had not seen her mother for three or four days,” Lead Investigator Sgt. H. F. Blevins said. “This was initially reported on, I believe, March the Fourth.”

Keene was last seen at the home of Ron McMillion, a man with a lengthy criminal record, and star of the Appalachian Outlaws Television Series. State Police interviewed him several times but say cases like this can be difficult to investigate without the victim present. Despite difficulties, the case of Dee Ann Keene is unique, with hundreds of pieces of evidence and still no answers.

“I have been here 23 years and it is probably the most pieces of evidence we have ever collected,” Blevins said.

Blevins said the investigation now primarily relies on interviews. There are 3 persons of interest in this case, who Blevins said are uncooperative. Blevins said he believes there is more to Dee Ann’s disappearance than meets the eye.

“There is a lot surrounding her disappearance and a lot of other factors we feel that are related to her disappearance which we feel makes some people more reluctant to come talk to us,” Blevins said.

Police regularly drive through the community and work to keep Dee Ann’s name and disappearance in the public eye, with the hope that someone will eventually come forward. But, as time passes, cases like this become more difficult to solve.

“People move away from the area that might have information, people just decide that they do not want to talk or do not want to talk to the police,” Blevins said. “There might be other issues that keep them from talking to the police, so it makes it very difficult.”

Nevertheless, police are determined to find answers for Dee Ann’s family. There is still a $10,000 reward for information leading to Dee Ann Keene. Anyone with that information is encouraged to call the West Virginia State Police Lewisburg Detachment at 304-647-7600.