COOL RIDGE, WV (WVNS) – “A living nightmare,” is the only way Anna Bryant can describe the moments that 60 mile per hour winds ripped the roof off of her home in Cool Ridge Saturday evening while her family was inside.

“We were just laying in the bed playing with my granddaughter and we heard the wind pick up and all of a sudden the house just violently shook and we felt the roof peeling away,” Bryant recalled.

Seven people; including Bryant’s 2 year old granddaughter and her elderly father…all made it out of the home safely.

“No one was hurt it could have been so much worse,” Bryant said.

Their house was the only one damaged in the area..and in daylight, it is a heartbreaking scene for the family. Sheet rock is now stuck in trees.. And parts of her roof, along with other debris, is scattered across the yard.

But among the devastation comes a shoulder to lean on from first responders including American Red Cross.

Angela Akers is an American Red Cross Disaster Program specialist Angela Akers. She was there within an hour after the Bryant’s home was destroyed… and will be there for the next month, offering financial and emotional help.

“Its devastating for me and I haven’t even been directly affected by this,” Akers said. “We are boots on the ground and we just love to be out here to help someone in their darkest moment.”

A blessing…during a dark time.. and a start on the road to recovery.