BRAMWELL, WV (WVNS) — Nearly two months have passed since a car crash claimed the lives of two people in Bramwell.

Now, the families of Michael Tessa and Jaden Spradlin are searching, not for answers, but rather the identities of two good Samaritans who stopped to try and help.

On December 3rd, 2022, Tessa and Spradlin were driving along Simmons River Road in Bramwell when their car crashed into the Bluestone River.

Two people on ATVs soon came upon the crash.

Jaden’s stepsister, Jordan Bradley, said they did what they could to try and help.

“They’re the ones who found them and they had attempted to pull them out of the vehicle,” said Bradley. “They called 911, they stayed there until first responders arrived and they basically did what they could.”

Despite the tragedy, Bradley is grateful to know there were people there trying to help her stepsister.

“Honestly it just means the world to know that there are still good people out there because in today’s world, a lot of people would just drive by and not think twice about it,” said Bradley. “There’s not very many good people left in this world so for them to stay there and do what they could really means the world to us.”

Bradley does not know the names or have a description of the good Samaritans but is forever grateful that they tried to help.