FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WVNS) – The Town of Fayetteville is currently accepting bids from developers hoping to turn former school buildings into apartments and a boutique hotel.

Just a decade ago, Fayetteville Elementary, Middle and High School all sat next to each other in the downtown area. When the school board voted to close the buildings, they were purchased by the town with hopes of turning them into something special.

“Two years ago when the school board decided to vacate the buildings, they offered it to the town council first,” said Town Superintendent Matt Diedrich. “The town took it so they could have a role in the future of the buildings.”

Now, the town is accepting bids from developers, hoping to build a boutique hotel that will attract national park visitors to the downtown area.

“A place that everybody wants to stay, you know,” said Diedrich. “That ‘when you go the national park we want to stay at this hotel.’ And it will give that draw. We hope that, you know, it’s done right so that people are like ‘if you go to Fayetteville you have to stay at this place.”

However, Diedrich said it’s important to honor the history of the buildings as well. The former Fayetteville High School building was built by Italian stone masons nearly 100 years ago.

The town also plans to keep lockers, chalkboards and more as features of the hotel to honor both the past and future of the buildings.

“There’s a historic significance to this,” Diedrich explained. “And there’s historic tax credits available as well. So there are some requirements to keep lockers, you know, lockers and chalk boards in the rooms and as well as to maintain the integrity of the outside of the building.”

A former student at Fayetteville Elementary left a note on the white board in one of the classrooms that read: “If you are reading this right now and you have bought this building, I just want you to know that in this building there have been lots of memories made. Do something special and take care of this building, it means a lot to so many people.”