(WVNS) — As severe weather was wrapping up across the area, people were hoping to see a calm wrap-up from an eventful day. But instead, many West Virginian’s got to see something that was unexpected: An Orange Sky! 

While this lively color may have freaked out some people, its in fact a natural process with a simple explanation. Think of how the sky itself turns blue. Blue light during the day gets scattered the most in the atmosphere on a clear day. 

However, after the passing of this recent cold front, our area was left with a lot of leftover moisture and storm clouds.

As we got closer to sunset, the light from the sun was bent, or refracted, with a much longer wavelength. This means that while the shorter (blue) wavelengths were scattered out, the longer (orange) wavelengths remained. 

Combined that longer wavelength, thanks to the sunset, with the remaining clouds and we get the light streaking across the clouds and giving us the following result: An Orange Sky.