HELEN, WV (WVNS) — The water crisis in Raleigh County has been going on for two weeks and it is still on-going for some people.

In Helen, most people were without water for less than a week, but evidence of the on-going issue remains sitting next to a park in the town.

For John Brown, the water pool used to help the town during the crisis, is a sign of the disservice the customers of Raleigh County have received.

“Its deplorable to think that the best that Beckley Water can do, after having people without water for over a week, is to give them a tank and say ‘go down there and go dip in the tank,'” said Brown. “Its a smack in the face.”

However, Brown wanted to make it clear he holds no grudge against the workers trying to fix the pipes and other issues.

“My issue is not with the working men and women at Beckley Water or Raleigh County PSD,” said Brown. “Its really important to me that people hear that message. My issue is with the management who keep saying to us over and over we’re doing the best we can and the truth is that simply isn’t true.”

At this time, some people in Horse Creek, Peach Tree and further out-lying towns in the county are saying they are still without water service.