DANIELS, WV (WVNS) – As the beginning of the new year rolls around, it’s time to start thinking about filing your taxes. Now is the time to evaluate what forms you need and prepare for when filing opens.

Examples of these forms are your W2s, 10-99, and any charitable donation of six hundred dollars or more. Even cryptocurrency transactions are taxable, according to Michele Davis.

Davis, a Certified Public Accountant, said one of the most important things for 2022 will be to e-file your taxes instead of mailing them in.

“The IRS is behind.  When they were shut down with Covid they at one point admitted they had 11 million pieces of unopened mail sitting in their warehouses so they are still behind.”

With the IRS being so far behind on taxes, it’s easy to see why e-filing them can be so helpful. Get ahead of the curve and get your tax forms and information ready to be filed.