DETROIT, MI (WVNS) — For the first time since 1931 a non-domestic car manufacturer has taken the first place spot in auto sales across the U.S.

General Motors (GM) has lead sales in the U.S. for the last 90 years, but according to a report from Toyota has clinched the number one spot.

According to the report, Toyota saw over 2.3 million cars sold in 2021 which is 10 percent over their reported sales in 2020. GM reported 2.2 million cars sold, a drop of 13 percent from their 2020 sales. In the fourth sales quarter of 2021, GM saw a major decline of 43 percent compared to their 2020 fourth quarter, which allowed Toyota to clench the number one spot for 2021.

Toyota’s rise began because of production stoppages due to Covid-19, and supply-chain problems in the auto industry, particularly semiconductor chips, Car and Driver Magazine said. Toyota was able to keep its production lines operating more smoothly than General Motors which helped the overall production and sales of vehicles.

“Being number one is never a focus or priority. The company’s focus has always been—and will continue to be—on being the best brand in terms of safety and quality in customers’ minds,” said a spokesperson from Toyota.

Toyota is also highlighting their electrified vehicles sales claiming to be a leader in the segment for their 22nd consecutive year. For 2021 electrified vehicles made up one quarter of Toyota’s total U.S. sales.