OAK HILL, WV (WVNS) — Another holiday honored this weekend is Grandparents Day.

This holiday, founded by West Virginia native Marian McQuade falls on the first Sunday after Labor Day. She worked very hard, over more than a decade to have one day out of the year that would honor the elders of our country.

Marian’s love for the elderly started at a young age, for when she was younger, she and her mother would visit elderly shut-ins in the neighborhood. As an adult, she committed her life to a mission of caring for and cherishing the elderly and strongly believed they should not be forgotten.

Kathleen McQuade, the youngest of 15 children of the McQuade legacy, explained the inspiration behind the holiday, which in 1973, Arch Moore, the West Virginia Governor at the time, first signed the proclamation for the holiday, to be followed by 40 more states in the next few years. In 1978, U.S. President Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation recognizing this day as a national holiday.

“The inspiration for Grandparents Day came because every Sunday my mother would take myself and several of my siblings to the nursing home where sometimes people are forgotten and left there to die. She became so interested in the elderly, she wanted a specific day to honor them,” Kathleen said with care.

Kathleen also added, “Grandparents are special because they fill in to help with the grandkids.”

To this day, she and her remaining family members still continue this tradition, to ensure that elders are still recognized and treasured.