BEAVER, WV (WVNS) – Decorating for Christmas is a tradition in Walt Kiser’s family that started out small in 1980 when they lived in Oceana.

“Our son was born in December of that year,” Kiser recalled. “We started out with two candles, a Santa, and a snowman.”

A few years and a bigger house later, Walt transformed his property on Grandview Road into a real life Christmas village that lights up the sky. While he buys pieces, like moving installations and inflatable figures, many of the decorations are hand crafted by Walt himself, who drills and paints throughout the year in his workshop.

“I build my own sled and reindeer and toy houses,” Walt said. “I take children’s toy houses and paint and build fireplaces coming out of them. I enjoy it as a hobby in the summer and put them out for everyone to enjoy at Christmas.”

After carefully placing each decoration and hanging lights as early as October, each installation lights up as one illuminated village while connected to 23 different circuits around the house. The cost of this festive hobby is a number Walt said he tries not to think about, but is reminded of each year when receiving his December electric bill.

“Our electric bill jumps about 600 extra dollars during the month of December,” Walt laughed.

But, that does not matter to Walt. For 40 years, generations of families across several counties have made it their own traditions to stop by and admire his display.

Spreading that holiday cheer is priceless.

People can stop by Walt’s house at 1285 Grandview Road in Beaver to see this display come to life on any evening in December.