BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Greenbrier County Commissioner Michael McClung reached a diversion agreement Tuesday, February 15, 2022, that could clear him of all criminal charges.

McClung is accused of illegally obtaining, accessing and removing information from a computer at the Greenbrier Valley Airport in August 2019. He faces three misdemeanor charges including unauthorized access to computer services, unauthorized possession of computer data or program and unauthorized possession of computer information.

The charges were filed by Special Prosecuting Attorney for Greenbrier County Brian Parsons. McClung pleaded not guilty to the charges in November 2021. Parsons said McClung’s actions could not be left without consequences.

“The conduct in this case was nonviolent,” Parsons said. “But, I think in terms of the defendant’s conduct in this case, it was violative of the principles of transparency and just being equitable.”

McClung was originally scheduled to appear in court for a trial on March 1, 2022. Instead, he signed a diversion agreement with Parsons requiring him to be on probation for a year in Greenbrier County and attend ethics training through the West Virginia Ethics Commission within one year.

Parsons said he felt including an ethics stipulation to the agreement was important.

“That was a real important piece of this to just remind folks that even though you hold a high political position, you still have to answer to the rules of ethics and be transparent and use good judgement in all of your decision making,” Parsons said.

McClung declined to comment to 59News. If he fails to follow the terms of the diversion agreement, charges against him will not be dropped and the case will continue.