LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) — Months of deliberation and designing maps are finally coming to a conclusion in Greenbrier County.

The County Commission approved a new voting precinct map for the 2022 elections on Tuesday, December 28, 2021. The redesign is a result of the 2020 Census and new districts designed by the West Virginia State Legislature.

“You cannot have a House of Delegate line running through the middle of a precinct,” County Clerk Robin Loudermilk said. “So, that little piece of one of the precincts was cut off, if a line went through it we had to move those voters to a closer precinct to them or make a whole new precinct.”

Loudermilk said 12 precincts were impacted by the lines drawn in the state. Each precinct needs to include between 200 and 1,500 voting residents. Loudermilk said two precincts were lost in the redistricting process – precinct 78 and precinct 50. The county also added one precinct in Ronceverte at the Ronceverte Baptist Church. Loudermilk said it was challenging to find the right balance and redesign certain precincts, especially along route 219.

Loudermilk said no changes were made to magisterial districts in Greenbrier County.

“I had to watch moving people to certain precincts, make sure it did not go over that voting population number,” Loudermilk said. “Then, I had to make sure each of the magisterial districts were within 5 percent of each other, I could not have 11,500 voters in the central and only 9,000 in the western.”

The county clerk’s job is not done after the maps are approved. Now, Loudermilk said they need to input all changes in the system before officially notifying voters.

“We’ll be going in the election system, the SVRS system changing over 5,000 people from one precinct to another,” Loudermilk said.

Voters impacted by these changes can expect to see some information about their new voting precinct and location in the mail in the next few months.