BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — The Greenbrier East Spartans made their debut appearance in the Class AAA Boy’s Soccer State Championship on Saturday, November 5, 2022, as they went up against the Spring Mills Cardinals.

The first half saw the Spartans unable to take advantage of their opportunities, with no points on the board at halftime.

But in the second half, the Spartans were on the attack, led by senior midfielder Adam Seams.

“Took my touch, I was looking at the keeper, trying to take touches, trying to see what could happen,” said Seams. “I saw the keeper come out and I was like I got to tuck it in. He took a tough angle, I only had a little window to squeak it in, but I found that window.”

Meanwhile, the Spartan’s defense was a brick wall, as the Cardinals were unable to take many clean shots.

Any shot on goal was nothing more than a prayer sent right to the hands of Spartan junior goalkeeper, Joe Cochran.

“I’m a very nervous dude,” said Cochran. “When I was at the start, I was very nervous. Sometimes I’m even shaking sometimes, especially with a big crowd and state championship. But after I get the first save, or touch the ball, it like locks me in, I like get calm, I slow down the game more and that’s really big that I got the first save.”

A star-studded group of seniors finishes their career with the Spartans in the best way possible, a culmination of the never-before-seen level of success they brought to the program.

Head coach Lucas Lemine spoke about what the team and especially the senior class meant to him.

“Everything, I mean I have a lot of former players here and they helped me build this thing, starting ten years ago,” said Lemine. “They’re just special, they’re just special, they’re everything. They’re like my kids. They’re awesome, they’re amazing. Not only just, soccer players obviously, they’re very gifted but the character that they show, their personalities, they make everything that we do an absolute joy.”

The Spartans finished the season with a 21-2 record and already have their minds defending their coveted state title.