LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS)– Two local breweries have partnered up for another joint effort.

The Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company in Lewisburg and the Freefolk Brewery in Fayetteville will be releasing two beers that their brewers worked together to create.

It will be the newest joint project in Greenbrier Valley Brewing’s “Trailblazer” series, which represents a challenge to a long-standing state law that prevents two breweries from West Virginia from collaborating on the same beer.

“We’re doing this to raise awareness of the legislation that needs to be changed to where we can collaborate with other breweries in West Virginia,” said Brewer Jeff Frizcell. “This is a joint effort, this is not a collaboration we’re doing. We’re trying to raise awareness. The state itself needs to change its laws. These are outdated laws.”

The brewers at GVBC said similar laws across the country are getting revoked, and they’re trying to raise awareness to lawmakers that they want to be able to collaborate with other local breweries.

The beers, which will be independently released at GVBC and Freefolk, are white beers with hints of lemon and orange.