BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Gresham Plumbing Supply opened a new location in Beckley Thursday, December 2, 2021, amidst a record-setting year for small businesses in the area.

Beckley Mayor Rob Rappold was in attendance for the ceremony, he told 59 News he’s been blown away by how many small businesses have popped up around the city this year.

“It’s unbelievable the number of ribbon cuttings for new and expanding businesses that have opened in the past six months,” said Rappold. “I think I’ve cut more ribbons in the past six months than I have in the past six years.”

Michelle Rotellini of the Beckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce, said they are on pace for a record-breaking number of new businesses to join the chamber this year.

“We’ve had over 60 new businesses open up in 2021, and we are just so proud to be where we are right now, said Rotellini. “It’s good economic times for our area.”

And that’s great news for small businesses like Gresham plumbing supply. Especially after the pandemic caused many businesses to struggle in 2020.

“Gresham plumbing, when COVID-19 hit last year, it was crippling,” explained Gresham Plumbing Supply Owner Michael Woody. “February, March, April… I mean, business dried up just completely.”

However, just one year later and they’re joining a multitude of new businesses that are flocking to the Beckley area. Mayor Rappold attributes that comeback to the grit of his home state.

“Not only Beckley. Not only Raleigh County. West Virginians are fighters,” said the Mayor. “If we’re down we don’t stay down long. We find a way to get back and be productive, have a smile on our face, and make things happen.”

Gresham Supply is open at 340 N. Eisenhower Dr. in the old Beckley Produce building.