BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — On May 12th of 2010, an argument broke out between several men outside Greater Beckley Christian School.

Jonathan Harbison, a friend of one of the men involved, tried to intervene when he was shot twice, once in the leg and once in the stomach.

“Honestly, when I made it to the hospital, the doctor told my mom “He, he won’t live longer than 15 minutes,” said Harbison.

Those 15 dragged on for Jonathan, but, when they passed, his life was changed.

“The gun was pointed at my head, and I did not see it, and there was an attempt to take my life via gunshot to the head,” said Harbison. “And the gun jammed, fortunately. Then there was a second attempt, the gun was pointed at my chest to attempt to shoot me in my heart and the gun jammed again.”

Jonathan was in a month-long coma and had to relearn to walk. But since then, his perspective has changed on many things from guns to his own life.

“I had a false sense of security that really rested and relied on guns,” he said. “Not that I wanted to go out and harm anyone, but it was just, I felt a whole lot more comfortable knowing that I had a firearm.”

Jonathan now relies on his faith for his sense of safety and security, serving as a pastor for I Heart Church. And exactly two years after his life was changed, Jonathan married his wife.

His day of pain and sadness turned into one of joy and love.