BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)– Seasonal depression is a common issue for many – especially after the fall back by an hour for Daylight Savings Time.

This form of depression can be triggered by many things like not getting enough sunlight, the lack of a healthy diet, or by not having a healthy exercise routine. Another cause for the onset of this form of depression is being away from loved ones and family.

The time from New Years to Easter is especially noteworthy for seasonal depression since many families don’t have gatherings within that timeframe.

During that time, suicide rates tend to increase, so staying in touch with friends and family members can be especially impactful in helping a loved one’s mental wellbeing.

Dr. Jawad Zafar, as psychiatrist at Farhat Medical Center, says even small gestures can make an impact.

“You’ll be surprised just a phone call can save someone’s life, just touching base with them, like ‘Hey, how are you doing, just catching up with you,’ and even after the Holidays and during the Holidays too,” said Dr. Jawad Zafar.

Though seasonal depression can feel insurmountable when someone is suffering from it, there are ways to try to break free.

“Breaking that cycle, making sure your diet is good, taking all of your vitamins, vitamin D particularly and the light therapy lamp — all those play a role in it,” Dr. Zafar said, “And if you are on medications for any mental health issues, continue to take them.”