BEAVER, WV (WVNS) — With extremely cold temperatures on the horizon, there is a threat of pipes bursting.

Preventive maintenance is one way to keep your pipes from freezing, such as disconnecting any garden hoses and keeping areas where pipes are located like your basement or a crawlspace warmer.

Will Davis with the Beaver Volunteer Fire Department said there are ways to tell if a pipe has frozen in your home.

“It’s easy to see if you have a frozen pipe because there is no water flowing through it,” said Davis. “But you can also see a difference in the amount of water pressure at some of the other pipes. So if there is a frozen pipe at one end of the house, it can affect the other pipes in the home and you would notice a difference in the water pressure.”

Davis says a way to prevent pipes from freezing is by keeping water flowing through them. Mainly by keeping a faucet located at the other end of the house from where the water enters constantly dripping water.

He also said it is better to have a higher water bill to pay than to have to repair major water damage.