GHENT, WV (WVNS) — As we officially enter the winter season, our biggest concern is if we stay warm enough to withstand the cold, wintery weather. The following are tips on how to bundle up and stay warm during this time.

  1. Picking the proper Base Layer aka the Underwear Layer
    • You want to make sure you find something comfortable for this layer, such as long johns, since this will be on you for the day. Make sure you find something thin, breathable and moisture wicking so when you sweat, your skin can breathe and you stay comfortable and warm.
  2. Picking the proper Middle Layer aka the Insulating Layer
    • For this layer, find something that retains body heat to protect you from the cold. Polyester fleece, down insulated jackets, and synthetic insulated jackets, are perfect examples of breathable and insulated jackets.
  3. Picking the proper Outer Layer Protection
    • When it comes to choosing this layer, it should protect you from wind, rain, and in this case, snow. According to, your outer shell is an important piece in stormy weather, because if wind and water are allowed to penetrate to inner layers, you can get seriously chilled, so make sure to choose something waterproof, water resistant, and breathable so water and perspiration can roll off your jacket and keep you warm and dry.
  4. Remember to Protect your Head, Face, and Toes
    • It’s not a myth that we retain our body heat from these areas of our bodies. We are all guilty of it too; not wearing the proper hat, gloves, socks, and boots. While there are many options of what to wear, a proper hat with earflaps, mask and neck coverings, gloves with proper insulation, wool socks or layering socks, and proper winter trekking boots that are waterproof or water resistant are the most appropriate for this weather. These areas are where you lose the most heat if you don’t cover them.

If you properly follow these suggestions for the wintery weather, you will be able to stay warm and shed layers from outdoor winter activity!