ODD, WV (WVNS) — We have heard it over and over again, the inflation rate in the United States is the highest it has been in 40 years. People are feeling the impacts in almost every aspect of life.

You may have noticed the price increase when it comes to purchasing meat. Some might think the farmers are seeing the benefits of this, but that is not the case.  

“Everything has doubled and tripled in price, feed has doubled, fertilizer to keep the grass going has tripled. Everything is just so expensive. The up keep of farm – the equipment, fuel prices everything is just tripled really,” Jennifer Shrewsbury said.

Jennifer Shrewsbury, with Shrewsbury farm in Odd, West Virginia, said eliminating the middle man would help them greatly. However, she knows that is not entirely possible. Shrewsbury Farm is a small beef/cow operation of 65. Shrewsbury said by going straight to local farms, farmers as  well as local processers see the benefits.  

“It would be helpful to cut out the middle men, if locals could come to local farms and buy directly from local farmer, we are cutting out a lot of the expense and the middle men,” Shrewsbury said. “We pour our heart and soul into it, they are more humane and not only are you supporting us local farmers you are supporting the local processing plants also so you are kind of getting a two for one deal when you are processing local.”

While supporting local is great for the farmers, it is also great for the consumer. Purchasing meat straight from the farm is often times cheaper, especially if you are purchasing from Shrewsbury Farm. Shrewsbury said you also know exactly where your meat is coming from.  

“It really just depends on the cut of meat, just like when you go to the store. Hamburger is going to be cheaper than your New York Strips, your T-Bones or your Ribeyes, we ain’t even trying to make a profit we’re just trying to come out even, we kind of go by store prices but we try to beat store prices and you are getting so much better of a product,” said Shrewsbury.

Meat prices have increased across the board. In September, of 2020 you could purchase ground beef for $4.08 per pound but in September of 2022 that went up to $4.86 per pound. The same goes for a sirloin, in September of 2022 that cut of meat was $8.88 per pound, now it is up a dollar 66 to $10.54 per pound, the problem is, it is not getting any cheaper for farmers.

“The middle man, the big stick yards, the meat processing facilities, the big retailers, they are the ones that are making all the profit. The farmers are seeing nothing – we are staying exactly the same as we was 5 years ago, we are not seeing any increase in that,” Shrewsbury said. The retailers and the meat processing facilities are really the ones making the money right now.”

If you are interested in purchasing from Shrewsbury Farm, their prime processing time is from December through February.