(WVNS) — March is National Problem Gambling Awareness Month, which also happens to be during the month of the biggest college basketball games, the NCAA Tournament.

Sheila Moran is the Director of Marketing and Communication for 1-800 Gambler. She said it is not a coincidence that awareness month is in March, because they know this month is a very popular time to gamble.

According to The Problem Gambling Help Network of West Virginia at least one in 50 people in the Mountain State have a serious issue. The goal is to help address their problem, and provide solutions.

“We focus a lot on prevention. We show that many people, if not most people, gamble at some point in their life, so it is important to understand the difference between recreational gambling and problem gambling and when they’ve crossed that line and what to do when they’ve crossed that line,” Moran said.

If you know someone that needs help, 1-800-GAMBLER offers a 24 hour help line along with a 24 hour chat room. A gambler can speak to a crisis counselor and also receive free treatment for their problem.