WELCH, WV (WVNS) – A McDowell County judge recused himself from the civil and criminal cases surrounding a male student who allegedly sexually assaulted three female students during school hours at Mount View Middle School.

The Honorable Judge Edward Kornish stepped away from the cases because he worked with a relative of the alleged attacker at the McDowell County Prosecutor’s Office.

Attorney Travis Griffith, who represents the three alleged victims in the civil suit, said he finds it suspicious that the McDowell County Prosecutor’s Office, which is prosecuting the criminal case, is still overseeing the trial while former Prosecutor’s Office employees like Judge Kornish are recusing themselves.

“He worked in the prosecutor’s office for 30 years with the assailant’s relative and felt that gave the appearance of impropriety. Why hasn’t the McDowell County Prosecutor’s Office thought the same thing, and allowed an out-of-county prosecutor to come in and prosecute this assailant?” asked Griffith.

The Honorable Judge Rudolph Murensky II will oversee the case now that Judge Kornish has recused himself.