RICHMOND, VA (WVNS) — On Thursday, January 19, 2023, a group of Kroger associates from the Mid-Atlantic region filed a class action lawsuit in federal court in Richmond, Virginia accusing their employer of engaging in a widespread wage theft resulting from repeated and ongoing problems with payroll.

Kroger employees, most of whom are members of United Food & Commercial Workers Local 400 Union, which represents approximately 13,000 Kroger associates in Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee, spoke out and filed over 1,000 reports describing problems such as missed and incomplete paychecks, deducted taxes and health care premiums, along with other issues that have affected them greatly.

The union has filed class action grievances against the company, and in December 2022, the union filed Unfair Labor Practice charges against Kroger through the National Labor Relations Board.

59News was able to interview one of Kroger’s employees affected by the lawsuit. They explain the hardship she and her other fellow co-workers are facing.

“It took double my pay that we normally pay. We can’t really understand our pay stubs. They aren’t really clear at all. They [Kroger] took a system that was very easy and wasn’t broke, it didn’t need to be fixed, and they gave us a system that we don’t understand. I’ve had employees that I’ve worked with where money has been taken out and they haven’t gotten it back,” expressed Brenna Jones.

59News was also able to reach out to the Lead Attorney on the case, Matthew Handley who also expressed the grievances of the employees and the importance of the lawsuit.

“The rollout has been more or less of an unmitigated disaster. It’s resulted in many workers not getting paid for all hours worked, sometimes going weeks without pay, having double deductions taken out of their paychecks for things like health insurance, not getting paid the correct hourly rates, all sort of pegged to this botched rollout of this time keeping system, and even though this began many months ago, last year in 2022, the problem still persists, and efforts to try to resolve it with Kroger have not been very productive.”

Matthew Handley, Lead Attorney

59News has yet to hear from Kroger who has provided no comment on the matter.