BECKWITH, WV (WVNS) — The pool opening at 4-H in Fayette County is delayed, 4-H Park Director Wayne Workman reported Monday.

Workman said workers discovered a leak in the pool when they were preparing it for the 2022 summer season. He said that workers found the leak because around two inches of water was leaking from the pool every day. Usually, said Workman, the pool loses a quarter-inch of water every day because of splashing and evaporation.

Crews have found the spot where the water is leaving the pool, but finding the leak is trickier, said Workman.

“Once we get in there, this is a fiberglass liner that’s in the pool,” said Workman. “We have to cut it out then actually find the leak.”

Workman says once they find the leak, they will repair it.

Workman, who swam in the pool as a 4-H camper around three decades ago, reported the pool is at least 40 years old.

He said it has had several renovations over the years and that park officials are now seeking grant funding to make more improvements.

Workman said the park aims to open the pool within the next 10 days.