LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) — While most of the partying and celebrations for New Years was done Saturday night, one town held their celebration on New Year’s Day.

The Lewisburg Shanghai Parade returned after a two year absence due to the pandemic.

The parade is an historical event, dating all the back to the mid-1800s.

Now, of course, the first thing you might ask is why is it called Shanghai?

Yes, Shanghai is a major city in China but according to Dr. Mary Ann Mann, chairman of the parade, it also has another meaning from that time period.

“The name Shanghai is, we don’t totally know why its exactly called Shanghai but we believe its because in those days, people would run from house to house and grab people and party on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day and they called it Shanghaiing.”

Mann says it is the only New Year’s parade in the state of West Virginia.

And it isn’t exactly your normal everyday parade as Steve Hunter, the parade’s announcer, explained.

“Its been carried on here, the Shanghai baby is always an interesting treat for people,’ said Hunter. “We had one gentleman who do it for a number of years and no matter how hot or cold it was, he was wearing his diaper and that’s all they get to wear.”

The parade also served as a way for some people to share their special talents with people.

“Oh, it was very special, said Tobias Sizemore, a 12 year old guitarist who walked in the parade. “I love this town. I was born here and yeah, I’m really glad that I got to share this with the town. And how long have you been playing? A year and a little bit more.”