GHENT, WV (WVNS)– An avid lover of all things outdoors, Steven Poland was best known by his friends and family for his hatred of wearing shoes.

Poland lost his battle with depression and addiction on October 20th, passing away at the age of 37.

His mother, Becky Poland, says Steven was not one for having a funeral, with his memorial service being held at Winterplace Ski Resort, where Steven got his first job at 14.

His brother, Nathan, spoke about what they wanted people to take away, learning about Steven’s struggles.

“We want what we’ve gone through to help other people know that there’s people out there that have gone through this and we want them to know that we want to be able to reach out to others, we want to be able to help others, and if people need something, if people need that helping hand, that there are people out there that are willing to give that helping hand,” he said.

Leon Brush, executive director of Brian’s Safehouse in Beckley, was at the service. His son Brian was a childhood friend of Steven’s and he spoke about the difficulty of seeing Steven lose his life the same way Brian did.

“It’s a troubling situation, but it’s so pervasive that there are days that you almost feel numb but it’s a very real plague in our communities and I think a lot of it can be changed but there has to be some major things that have to take place.”

As part of the service, Becky invited a member of the Office of Drug Control Policy to teach how to use Narcan.

And in honor of Steve’s love of walking around barefoot, new and lightly used shoes were collected. They will be donated to Brian’s Safehouse and Lotus Recovery Center in Comfort, West Virginia.