PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) — Much of the country is still confused about the need for a booster with the vaccine rollout less than a year old.

With the COVID vaccines on the market for most of the year, millions are choosing to get vaccinated. But now another aspect of the vaccine is added to the conversation: booster shots. While booster shots are not unheard of for a vaccine, there are still a lot of questions remaining.

“All the research has indicated that at some point there’s a need for a booster because your immunity begins to wane. Moderna has also put in full authorization for their vaccine and probably will be including the booster as well,” said Princeton Community Hospital CEO, Karen Bowling.

That research shows between six to eight months after receiving the second dose of either Pfizer or Moderna, the effectiveness lowers, which in turn requires the booster. Bowling said employees at Princeton Community Hospital will be receiving the booster as soon as it is approved.

“We are prepared to go forward with boosters for our employees. Right now, the tentative date is based on when the approval is official of course. The President has indicated that he expects by the week of September 20th that that would be available,” said Bowling.

Now that some questions are being answered about Pfizer and Moderna, even more questions are being asked about the Johnson & Johnson one shot.

“Their research is indicating there is probably going to be a need for the booster, but they haven’t gone for the authorization,” said Bowling.

Just like the initial shots, the brands cannot be mixed. Pfizer stays with Pfizer and Moderna stays with Moderna. Neither can be mixed with J & J. Bowling said those who received a vaccine early in the rollout should consider getting the booster as well as those who are immunocompromised. She said if you are unsure about the boosters, do your own research and see if it will be a smart option for you.