GHENT, RALEIGH COUNTY (WVNS) — The weekend winter weather brought out hundreds of people from all around to Winterplace Ski Resort to take advantage.

As they took breaks in between runs down the mountain, they got a special treat from a local and talented musician.

Randy Gilkey is from Oak Hill and was born blind. Despite his disability, he fell in love with music more than thirty-four years ago. He cultivated his career and performed on stage with musical icons like Chuck Berry.

Gilkey is part of Winterplace’s live music series, a place he loves to perform at.

“Oh I love it and let me tell you why because you got a lot of the out-of-town audience and so they don’t know you,” said Gilkey. “So if you can make these folks happy, you can make anybody happy because you’re playing not for the locals so much. I’d say 95% of the people here today are tourists. So that’s what makes it fun and exciting.”

Gilkey is a 2022 nominee for the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame.

If you did not catch his latest peformance you have another chance at Winterplace in mid-February of 2023.