FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WVNS) — Porch pirates are on the prowl, looking for packages to steal.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, porch piracy is on the rise.

Fayette County Sheriff Mike Fridley said there are ways to keep packages safe.

“Try to get a date and time that your package is going to be delivered,” said Fridley. “That way, you can retrieve your package as soon as possible as it arrives if you’re not home. If you work, talk to your neighbors. You know, we look out for each other.”

Fridley added it can be difficult for police to stop porch pirates, though there are ways to catch them.

“Trying to find a suspect or find out who is doing the thieving, unless someone catches them on a door ring or security camera, their vehicle, their picture that we might know who they are,” Fridley added.

If you are worried about packages being stolen, Fridley suggested getting lockable package boxes for your porch or having your packages sent to your workplace.

But Fridley also gave a stark reminder that such measures, along with Ring and other doorbell and security cameras will not always deter people from stealing packages.

Earlier this month, SafeWise released their annual Package Theft Report, which showed an estimated 260 million packages were stolen last year, an increase of 23 percent.