BLUEFIELD, WV (WVNS) — On Sunday, Father’s House International Church got a visit from a very special guest preacher. Sam Childers is known as the machine gun preacher. He lived a life of drugs and violence, one that almost got him killed.

Childers turned his life around and wrote a book on his experiences. That book was turned into a movie. He said in his book and the movie, he has one message he wants to get across.

“You can be a nobody, you can be a good for nothing, and with Jesus Christ, all that can change,” said Childers.

Getting this message across motivated him to travel to churches across the country, preaching to people how his life was changed.

“If he can use me, just imagine what he can do in your life,” said Childers.

A recovered drug addict, Childers knows the problems the state and the country faces.

“I don’t believe that just West Virginia has a big issue I believe that the whole United States has a big drug problem right now, but one thing I can tell you, you have to want to be set free if you don’t want it it is not going to happen,” said Childers.

Childers has built one of the largest orphanages in Southern Sudan, which has fed and housed more than 1,000 children. In his stops across the country, he tells people about his life and his journey and how they can get involved.

“I never do the same service there is not too many people unless you have watched me year after year that ever hears me preach the same message,” said Childers.