SUMMERS COUNTY, WV (WVNS) – Pipestem Resort State Park is known for its natural beauty, sprawling wildlife and panoramic views, but it’s also known for its dancing. 20 years in the making, now, the annual Fall Ballroom dance weekend brings dancers new and old from all around for a weekend of fun at the resort.

“Ballroom dancing is a staple in the community. It’s a staple in West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia, Kentucky, all of our surrounding states, Pennsylvania. You know, we have people that come here from all over. We have people that travel from Georgia to come to this weekend. So not only it’s nestled away here in the mountains, it’s all inclusive. You never have to leave the lodge,” says Alicia Clark, Ballroom Dance Instructor at Pipestem Resort State Park.

Clark is a well-known instructor in West Virginia. She stays busy with several events, including up in the Charleston area with Come Dancing Charleston.

Paul and Jane Denton from Ohio made the return trek to Pipestem this past weekend.

“Dancing is universal. We’ve traveled all over the world and danced to its language over and above.”

This event isn’t just for experienced dancers, but for those just beginning to step their way into this tango of a workout.

“It’s for all levels. So like from advanced to beginner, it’s welcoming for everybody. So no matter if you’ve never danced in your life or maybe you dance like tap and ballet as a child, this is the place for you because they offer a really wide variety,” remarks Dance Instructor Hunter Hobbs, who came down from Kanawha County.

Chet and Kelly Shifflett from Pocahontas County love to try something new.

“It’s a way to get out of your comfort zone that’s a big thing. It allows you to stretch yourself to do something that maybe you wouldn’t normally do; you meet a lot of nice folks too and I think that’s really the big takeaway here. And dancing is universal I mean, you’re never too old, never too old to just.. you got to move! It’s awesome.

Practice during the daytime…. leads to showing off the skills with new and old friends alike on the dance floor at night.

“I think the social connection is invaluable. You know, the friends you make, the connections, the fun, the laughter is just so important. We’ve told them year after year what a special place Pipestem is in West Virginia, number one about the quality of the instructors… the music.. Every friendship that you make, every piece of it,” remarks Paul and Jane Denton.

Looking to get started in our region? Check out the ballroom dancing meet every week just north of Beckley here.

The next annual Ballroom Dance Weekend at Pipestem will be taking place from November 22nd to 24th, 2024!